Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 5 Push Ups Completion and Lunchtime 6 Mile Run

Yesterday evening I did my last day of Week 5 push ups. In the middle of my fourth set, my younger son came into my room to find me doing push ups - and figured I was there to give him a horsey ride. I was not able to finish up that set of 24 push ups with the extra 30 pounds on my back - and I believe the rest of the sets were impacted as well (OK...that's my excuse for losing steam on the last set). All in all it was 163 push ups over 8 sets - not bad, but not as good as a few days ago when I did 175. Here's the stats: 20, 20, 24, 18 (horsey ride), 20, 17, 22, 22.

This morning I was up at 5:25am - not to go out and run (bummer...) but to drive my brother-in-law to the airport. Since there was no morning run - and I was working near BWI Airport anyway, I planned for the best and threw my gym bag in the car. I was starting to work a good hour earlier than normal due to the airport run, so as long as I had some open time in my schedule around lunchtime, I was going to try to take the extra hour there to run.

It ends up that the stars aligned and I got to the gym! (on my way back from Columbia, MD I went to the Fitness First in Olney). They do not have the cool TechnoGym treadmills (BTW...Fitness First North Potomac is featuring my blog on their homepage right now with my review of these new treadmills), however, they do have the LifeFitness 95T treadmills which are pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the heart rate monitor on the treadmill I chose to run on was not working. So, I had to continue to look at my watch during the run instead of at the screen. Also, my iPod didn't work with the iPod connector on this treadmill either - likely due to the iPod being on the older side (I'm still using a black and white screen that doesn't even show album art...I may as well be using a cassette tape player!).

My first minute on this treadmill was quite comical: I had bought a bottle of Gatorade since I did not bring a water bottle with me. I started the treadmill up and was jogging along, and noticed that the Gatorade was filled to the top. "I better take a sip or two now before I start running too fast..." I said to myself. Well, I must had breathed a bit while drinking the first sip because as soon as the Gatorade was in my mouth I started to have the coughing/choking reflex.   I tried to swallow what I had in my mouth before coughing, but couldn't do it. I think you all know what happens next... Luckily (or not?) the treadmills are the first pieces of equipment in front of the mirrors, so I ended up spraying the mirror in front of me instead of some poor soul trying to get their lunchtime workout in. I promptly stopped the treadmill and cleaned up the mirror, and then started over again (I had only run about 1/8 of a mile at that point.

I finally settled in on running - I wanted to do a pace run and since my goal right now is a 2:10 half marathon, that means a slightly faster than 10 minute mile. I started with an 11:00 mile warm up for 1 mile and then 5 miles at 6.1 mph (9:50/mile). My heart rate climbed up to the high 150s / low 160s about 3 miles into the workout, but did not go much higher. Final stats were: 5.97 miles (treadmill cut me off at 60 minutes exactly), 60 minutes, 155 average HR.

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