Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morning Easy Run and Push Ups

I hit the gym this morning in Germantown - I'm visiting a cell site in that area for my project so I decided to work out close and then visit the site.

I did an easy 3 mile run. At the gym I'm a lot more careful keeping my heart rate down - it's staring me in the face for the entire run, so I see when it climbs above where I want it to be which is instant feedback to (a) try to relax or if that doesn't work (b) slow the pace down.

I kept is nice and slow - starting at 5.0 mph and bringing the pace up to 5.5 where I steadied out. The full run was 33:29 - an 11:10/mile pace. Average HR was 148. Nice and easy. I suspect that as I ramp the mileage up again and do some more speedwork that I should be able to run this at about a minute per mile faster at the same Average HR...definitely something to look forward too!

I decided to do my Week 5 push up exhaustion test after my 3 mile run. I usually don't do the push ups after a workout, but it wasn't an intense workout so what the hell. I did 41 push ups again....and I did start getting tired in the 30s. I'm not sure if I'd be able to do more if I did these before my run - but that's the way it goes. This week I'll do Week 5, column 3. And I'll try to do it correctly this time!!! (that's 8 sets - not 5...)

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