Friday, August 7, 2009

Going To New York!

Tomorrow morning, we're loading the family into the minivan and going up to New Jersey and New York.

The plan - get to my cousin's in Central Jersey around lunchtime and hang out with them for a few hours (have the kids play and get energy out!). Then go to the hotel near Newark Airport - a college friend of mine and her kids will visit with us there - hit the pool at the hotel and then find a place to eat.

On Sunday morning we'll go into the city. I'll get to meet some of my teammates from Team Run To Remember as they do a 7 to 9 mile run in Central Park. Sherry and the boys will explore the park on their own.

After the run, I'll find a place to shower and then hook back up with Sherry and the kids. At that point we'll grab some food and picnic in the park! Then back home to Maryland.

I've never taken a running vacation before...this seems like a good first step!

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