Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Results Are In!!!!

As I posted last night, the fundraiser at The Star Diner was very successful. Today I spoke to the owner of the diner to find out just how successful it was.

He told me he had a check for me to give to the Alzheimer's Association for $400!!! Wow!!!! I was expecting in the $250-$300 range - even with the larger number of people that showed up.

I had also received a few other donations at the diner last night which totaled a little over $100.

So, the final tally from last night was a little over $500!!!! This pushes me over $2,000 in fundraising now. Woo hoo!!!

(For those of you in the blogosphere who want to donate, please visit my page here!)

Now the question is... Do I do another one???

A few people who did not show last night told me to let them know if I do another fundraiser that they can go to. A few other people who were at the diner last night also told me to let them know.

Actually, there was a table of 20-somethings who were there that made the suggestion that I do a Happy Hour. I told them it was a good idea (and one of my teammates in NY is doing one next week), however, the majority of the people who were in attendance last night would need to line up babysitting in order to attend the Happy Hour. I guess we're just in different stages of our lives right now...

So, do I hold another fundraising event? Part of me thinks that I don't want to be too pushy and ask people to attend multiple fundraisers. But this one was quite successful, and some people were asking if I was going to do another one.

What do you all think????

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