Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Not So Easy, Easy Run

This is a step-down week in mileage - runs of 3, 6, 3 and 9 miles this week.

The plan is normal during the week - Monday morning 3 mile easy run, Wednesday lunchtime 6 miles speedwork (likely on the 'mill as it is supposed to be 90 degrees that day), another 3 mile easy run on Thursday or Friday morning. Then we are heading up to New York for the weekend and I'll run the 9 miles with Team Run To Remember - in Central Park!!!

Unfortunately, Monday morning's run was affected by my work schedule. I had a maintenance window activity scheduled for Sunday night - so I worked from 11pm to 2am. I got up at 8am the next morning (my kids let me sleep - hooray!), but it was already hot and muggy out, so I opted for the gym.

My plan was a nice, easy steady run on one of the TechnoGym treadmills - set it for a heart rate program with a target HR in the mid-140s.

Unfortunately, the treadmill and my HR monitor were not on great speaking terms that morning. So my pace fluctuated from as high as 6.5 mph to as low as 4.0 mph. It was horrible.

I guess I'll set my own pace in the future and use the HR monitor as a guide.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - another run (it has to be better than yesterday's, right?) and my fundraising dinner at The Star Diner. (oh...and it's my birthday to boot!)

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