Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Back - And Running Slow

We're back from Disney and the drive from Florida! It was great to be away, but it's nice to be home too. I'll post some Disney pics on our family webpage or on Facebook in the next few days...

I did get one run in at Disney this week - a 4 miler. Which means I had 11 more miles of week day runs and a big 15 mile long longest run probably since last year's marathon.

I did the 7 miler at the gym on the treadmill yesterday. I took it nice an easy - set the treadmill at 5.3 mph with a 1.5% incline and went for 7 miles. Pretty uneventful. It was good to get the body moving again. Lots of rust.

This morning I did an easy 4 miles outside. When I stepped outside the air was still warm and humid - stale and disgusting. I also just didn't feel like running - not sure if was the red wine last night with dinner, or the fact that I'm still eating too much (I found that I made good choices with what I ate at Disney and on the road, however, the portions were just enormous that I surely put on some pounds...I'm just too afraid to step on the scale). In short, it was not going to be an easy run.

I ended up trudging through with an 11:25/mile pace this morning. My average HR was 145, so I definitely kept things easy. I thought I would feel better at some point during the run, but that never happened. I finally hit 4 miles and stopped running - and walked home the last half mile. I just didn't have any more in me.

I'm a bit concerned about tomorrow. I'm scheduled to run 15 miles. I know I'm not going to get a good night sleep because I have my Fantasy Football draft tonight (first of two - the second one in the day after Labor Day). Just what I don't need before a long run - a late night filled with beer and junk food. I may try to drink water or gatorade instead of beer tonight - and try to limit the junk. It won't be easy, but I'll try...I have a decent excuse.

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