Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Forget How Hungry You Get While Training

Yesterday morning I ran 7 miles. I felt awesome the entire day - and it was great to know that my weekday longer run was behind me in this jam-packed week leading up to my vacation.

However, what I totally forgot about is that when my mileage ramps up - so does my appetite. BIG TIME!

I started out the day like I normally would. I had a bowl of granola with soy milk - and added a banana for some extra fuel. I had a small mid-morning snack and I ended up having an early lunch due to some meetings at my lunch hour.

About two hours after lunch I was hungry again. I had to run an errand, so I grabbed a smoothie at a yogurt place. An hour after that I was hungry again.

I was like a food burning furnace yesterday!

I just need to remember that I can't overdo it, because I will gain weight if I eat too much....even when running 30-40 miles a week.

There were two incidents that happened to me yesterday that bother me a bit:

On my run yesterday morning, I saw a neighbor of mine outside (around 7am) entertaining her young son. She asked me if I was training for something in particular - I told her the New York Marathon - she seemed surprised and impressed..."That's Fantastic!" was her response. As I passed her though, I started thinking about this a bit more. I had invited her to my fundraiser via email and Facebook...and her husband was AT the fundraiser (he came at the end with a few other guys to drink a beer). Could she really not know that I was running the NY Marathon this fall? Was it really that much of a surprise to her? (or is she just tuned-out to the goings-on of acquaintances/neighbors? this could very well be...I know my wife seems to tune out some things when the kids activities get a bit overwhelming)

Later on, I was discussing my training and fundraising with someone. She made a comment like - "you should really keep a journal and write down all of this stuff...I would love to read about it". My response was that I'm keeping a blog - so, yes you CAN read about it. Her reply was that she was too busy right now to keep up with reading a blog. I smiled politely while I thought to myself, "Didn't you just say you would love to read about my training and fundraising???" It ends up that I deal with people like this a lot - they have great ideas and "should" you to death (i.e. you/we/I should do this or that), but then are very weak on the implementation of these ideas. As you can tell, it's a bit of a pet-peeve of mine...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike - hope the marathon went well. I'm training for the London Marathon at the moment and I have to say the "hunger" thing is driving me mad. I wake up in the middle of the night with stomach ache I'm so hungry! How did you stay on top of it without gaining weight?

Mike Fox said...

Good luck with your training!

Balancing nutrition is not easy during training. A few tips are: try to eat something with both carbs and protein within 30 minutes after your run and when eating meals try to eat slowly and listen to your body - when you are full, stop eating! (of course there are so many times when I continue to eat because the food tastes good...but that's why we all gain weight, right?)