Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cold Rain = ICKY!

Luckily I wasn't planning to run this morning as it was my least favorite weather outside - mid-to-low 30s and rain.  Luckily, it was just warm enough for the streets not to freeze over.

I did my push-ups today.  Four sets of 13 push ups and then the last set I did 20.  A total of 72.  They are feeling better and easier again, but I still don't want to jump into the 100 Push Up Challenge yet.  (BTW, there is now also a 200 Sit Up Challenge - sounds like something to pick up later in the year...)

I have been thinking about whether to follow a training program this year.  Last year I followed Higdon's Marathon Novice 1 plan leading up to the Frederick Marathon and then I followed a Runner's World plan for a faster 5K leading up to the Kentlands/Lakelands 5K (which I ran a PR of  25:17).

I decided to give Higdon's Marathon Novice 2 plan a shot right now - at least leading up to whichever Spring Half Marathon(s) I decide to run.  The plan is four days a week which I can handle right now.  The mileage isn't so outrageous that I should be able to fit it into my schedule and not injure myself.  I'll likely try to do some speedwork during the mid-week longer runs - just like I did in 2008....why mess with success???

Now I have a plan - that's the easy part.  The difficult part will be getting out of bed tomorrow morning and running those 5 miles in the cold (or on the dreadmill at the gym).

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Marcy said...

Funny you mention the 200 SU's. I have that baby printed out. Now just to do the initial test . . . LOL