Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Run Of The Year!

Although my cold is still lingering a bit, I felt better yesterday and today.  Last night I was not hacking away like I had been during the past few nights and today I wasn't blowing my nose constantly.

I decided to hit the gym for a short, easy run (it was 30 degrees outside with strong way I was braving that not feeling 100%).

I went to get my running shoes out of my gym bag and I was met with quite a surprise - my running clothes from the last time I ran were still in there.  Remember, since I have been sick I have not run in about 10 days...YUCK!  I'm surprised that they didn't stink up my closet already.

I got on the treadmill and did an easy 3 miles.  I was a little faster than 11:00/mile pace and my average heart rate was 144.  A great way to ease myself back.

Before my run I tried doing some push ups.  I was thinking I would do 5 sets of 15.  The first two sets of 15 were very doable.  By the third set I started to lose steam and only mustered out 14.  I barely had anything left by the fourth set and did 7.  I didn't even attempt a fifth set.  51 push ups in all.  I definitely have some more work to do to get back into the push up groove.

One last note - I weighed myself this morning.  Not such a great idea after chowing down on seven layer dip and tacos last night for New Year's Eve.  I weighed the exact same as New Year's Day 2008 - 172 pounds.  I can look on the bright side and say that it is great that I did not gain any weight in 2008...or on the not-so-bright side and see that I had lost 10 pounds by March 2008 and gained it all back by December.  I definitely hope to lose all of that weight again by March 2009, and I'll put some things in place (i.e. some long races in October and November) to help not gain it all back in the fall and winter.

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