Monday, January 12, 2009

Polar Watch On The Fritz - AGAIN!!!

As I planned in yesterday's post, I ran my 5 miler this morning. I hit the gym and did a tempo run - a warm-up mile starting at 5.0 mph and bumping the pace up 0.2 mph every quarter mile, and then 3.5 miles at 6.7 (just a tad under a 9 min mile pace), and then finishing with a half mile at 5.4 mph.

I was at the gym and on a treadmill at 5:45am. At that point there were about 5 other treadmills taken (there are about 15 treadmills at my gym). By 5:55am I was the only runner left. I started to get a bit self conscious. On my last run, I was contemplating whether I should be running so many of my miles alone or finding someone to train with. And now here - at the gym! - I was also running alone. This lasted for about 10 minutes, when finally about 6:05am people started hitting the treadmills again. By the time my run was over all but 3 treadmills were occupied. I guess I had just timed the "changing of the guard" between the 5am and 6am shifts.

I listened to some Indigo Girls this morning. For some reason I prefer to run to mellower music for my early morning runs. Sometimes I'll pump it up with a beat and louder music if I'm doing intervals, but otherwise I'm just trying to wake mellower is better.

After my run, I went to turn my Polar S120 Heart Rate Monitor off. Unfortunately, it wouldn't shut off. The button that turns off the stopwatch/HR monitoring mode all of a sudden stopped working. GRRRRRRR! I just sent this puppy in to Polar two months ago to change the battery and now this?? Hey guys at Polar (they commented on the blog the last time my watch was on the fritz) - can you help me out here? I really don't feel like devoting the time and expense to send the thing in again for another repair 2 months after you guys changed the battery and tested it... Perhaps you could send me a new model to review on the blog???


Marcy said...

Ohhhh that totally stinks about the Polar HRM. Polar, Help a brother out!! said...

Whoah that's not cool. We'll take care of it.. E-mail me your contact details and we can work something out!

-Chris @ Polar USA