Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week 5 Push Ups

I started Week 5 of the Hundred Push Up Challenge this week. Since I'm still not 100% on my cold, I have not been running, but I have been doing the push-ups.

The first group was done on Tuesday evening in front of The Biggest Loser. I managed 136 push ups - during set 2 I could not do 35 push ups and opted for 31. On set 5 I managed 30 instead of 35. So the final count was 28, 31, 25, 22 and 30.

This morning I did the second group of push ups. 19, 20 , 14, 16 and 33 (not 40...) for a total of 102.

I see that the program is now ramping up towards the 100 push up test. In previous weeks, the total push ups are more evenly distributed between sets 1 through 5. Now it is looking like there are fewer push ups in sets 1 through 4 with a higher "max push up" number in set 5.

I hope to get back to running tomorrow. And I hope to get to Week 6 of the push up challenge next week :-)

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