Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Five Easy Miles on the 'Mill

Cold rain again this morning, so I headed to the gym for a five mile easy run on the treadmill.

I know, I know - I mentioned yesterday that I would use the mid-week longer run as a speedwork session.  It ends up that even though I'm feeling pretty much recovered from the cold I had from Christmas to New Year's, I'm still waking up very nasally - like a relapse to my cold is waiting for me to have a weak moment and attack.  So, I'm still taking it easy.

My alarm was set for 5:45am.  No need for it though - little one ran into our room at 5:15am.  Someone mentioned to me that in about 10 years I'll need an airhorn to get these kids out of bed in the's hard to believe that right now.

When I got to the gym I was feeling kind of tight, so I stretched a bit before hopping on the treadmill.  Once I was on the 'mill I walked (at 4.0 mph) for about 3 minutes before starting my run.  It seemed to do the trick, as I felt fine by the time I started running.

I ran for 5 miles - 55 minutes even.  Average HR was 146.  Nice and steady.

I chose much better music this morning (once again apologies to anyone who still can't get "Two Princes" or "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" out of their head) - Sheryl Crow's The Globe Sessions.  I wanted some Rock which wasn't going to dictate my running pace.

I'm hoping to get outside for a short, easy run tomorrow morning and then keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather on Saturday for an 8 miler outside (no way I can do that on a treadmill).

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