Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nutso Day

So, today was Shabbat - I was reading torah at synagogue - and this evening was the first night of Passover - and we were having 20 people for seder (we're having 25 people tomorrow - yikes!)

My plan was to wake up by 6:15am and run my 12 mile long run, be back in time to go to synagogue and then come home and finish preparing for seder.  This is exactly what transpired - except for the fact that my younger son woke up crying at 3:30am.  So I had an interrupted night sleep - and not nearly enough sleep :-(

Since I left the house at 6:30am, the sun was already starting to rise.  I went back into the house for a pair of sunglasses.  I ended up not really needing them until about mile 9 or 10, however, that is probably what will happen for the race in a few weeks, so I may as well practice now.

The weather was beautiful for a run.  Clear skies, 47 degrees when I started, no wind.  I'll miss these crisp, clear Spring mornings in a few weeks!

The run was pretty uneventful.  I felt pretty fatigued during the first 3 or 4 miles.  I'm not sure if this is due to being woken up the night before, going to sleep too late during the week to prepare for Passover, or if my body is trying to tell me that I should take a few rest days.  Luckily I had some good tunes!  For most of the run it was the Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed and Exile on Main Street, and then I listened to the beginning of Jethro Tull's Aqualung as my run finished.

I ended up running pretty well when all was said and done - a 10:23/mile pace with an average HR of 155.  That pace is equal to my Half Marathon PR, and that was with an average HR that was much higher.  So...I'm pretty sure that I could run a Half Marathon PR right now (note to self...sign up for a half marathon as soon as you recover from the marathon!).

Seder also went well this evening.  Although I am totally exhausted right now!  Time to go to bed soon...


:) Z said...

Hag sameach Mike!! Hope your seder was fun -- 20 people, wow!!!

I'm wondering what you are eating before your runs during pesach. I had some matzo & peanut butter this morning before my run. I thought that would be a good sub for my usual pb cliff bar but I had a terrible run. I was really surprised by the difference in my energy level.

I am running a 1/2 marathon next Sunday so I need to find a solution that will work.

PS I feel like such a stud cuz I ran the same amount as you yesterday (12 miles). Enjoy your taper!!

Mike Fox said...

Go Z!!! 12 miles - that's awesome!!!

For yesterday's run, I ate a banana before heading out the door. The thought of matzah just did not appeal to me. Matzah goes through my digestive system like rocks and I felt that I may cramp up if I ate it before my long run.

I did bring a GU packet with me. I had thought about it - Pesach officially did not start until Saturday at sundown, although technically you needed to get all of the chametz out of your house by Friday sundown due to Shabbat. Our leftover chametz (including GU) is in the basement, so before my run I went down there and got one GU packet. I took it about 75 minutes into my run. I figured it was still OK as (a) it wasn't Passover yet and (b) I didn't eat it inside my house. However, I'm sure I'll be remembering this incident at Yom Kippor and asking for forgiveness anyhow.

Luckily, I'm in my taper period so my runs during Pesach are not too long. 4 miles, 6 mile speedwork, 3 miles and 8 mile long run. I just ran an 8 mile mid-week speedwork session last week so that should be a piece of cake (or piece of matzah!) long run.

Enjoy your Passover...and enjoy your 1/2 marathon. Perhaps you should go into the race with a goal other than a PR - enjoy the scenery, help a newer runner with their goal to finish, etc. so that you'll feel great about the race even with the fact that you'll be eating matzah beforehand.