Monday, April 7, 2008

Preparing for "The Big Week"

So this week on my training plan is Week 15 - 40 total miles. My longest so far (you've heard that plenty before), but also the longest on the marathon training plan.

After this, I will start my taper (reduction in mileage leading up to the marathon so that your body can repair itself and rest up for the big day).

Here's the weather forecast for the mornings - tomorrow will be drizzly and in the mid-40s for a 5 mile run, Wednesday morning will be clear and mid-40s for a 10 mile run (speedwork?) and Thursday will be about 10 degrees warmer with a chance of rain for another 5 miles. Not ideal conditions, but not too bad either. By Friday it is supposed to be a high of 74 degrees, so my 20 mile long run on Saturday may be in shorts and a t-shirt!!!

One concern I have - the base of my big toe on my right foot is a little sore and I'm getting a "cracked knuckle" type sound when I scrunch my toes in (flexing my toes down). I'll see how I do on my run tomorrow, but if the pain gets any worse I may go to the chiro to see if perhaps it needs a little adjustment.


Z said...

Funny you mention the chiro in here. I have been meaning to ask you if you have been getting massages during your training. I try to get a massage about once a month and I think it really helps prevent injury (and if not, who cares, it's still awesome!)

Mike Fox said...

Unfortunately, I have not been able to go for massages during my training. It's just too pricey for me at this point :-(

However, I DID schedule a post-marathon massage the day after the race. I am sooooo looking forward to that :-)