Thursday, April 10, 2008

"What Time Is It In San Francisco??"

We took a family vacation to San Francisco in December 2006 (here's some pictures from that trip). My older son, Doron, loved that trip and hanging out with his cousins - so much so, that many times he'll ask me out of the blue "What time is it in San Francisco?"

This morning on the way to school he asked me that question. It was 7:45am here, so I let him know that it was 4:45am in San Francisco. "4:45 in the morning?", he asked me. I replied, "Well, it's really still night time. If you woke up that early you would have to go back to sleep."

Of course immediately after I said that, I remembered that this Satruday I would most likely wake up at 4:45am so I could get my 20 mile run in before going to synagogue.

Perhaps I should have said "Mentally stable people would go back to sleep if they woke up that early..."


tootie said...

Ha! I'm not sure if running a marathon would fall in the 'mentally stable' category either. But I'm glad to be training for it anyway!

Mike Fox said...

Exactly right.

In no way was I trying to give any disrespect to people who really aren't mentally stable...I was just trying to insinuate that the behaviors of folks like me that are training for a marathon border on the insane.

Rick said...

I read ya loud and clear. ;-)

Good luck with the twenty this weekend.