Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wimping The Weather

As I mentioned on my post yesterday, the warm weather has made me a wimp to the cold. So, for this morning's run in 45 degree temperatures, I put on the running pants instead of shorts.

However, I stuck with only the long-sleeved tee and baseball cap - no windbreaker, winter cap or gloves :-)

It was a nice, short "easy" run. Barely enough time to warm up! It seems so odd to run such short distances with such a big run coming up this weekend, but I'll respect the taper and try to remind myself that I ran 20 miles three weeks ago, so 26.2 is well within my reach.

Again, I tried to keep my HR down...I did pretty well with an average HR of 151. My pace was 10:11/mile. The glass of Shiraz from last night didn't impact my run at all ;-)

Today's music was the sounds of nature. Since I will not be wearing an iPod during the race this weekend, I want to get used to not being "plugged-in" to the music while running. I heard so many different songs of various birds it was amazing! I wish I knew which birds sang which songs...but I'm not one to join the Auduban Society or go birdwatching or anything.

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Sara said...

Oh, this weather is just unbelievable. Just when I thought it was starting to turn into Spring, we had frost this morning. The heat in our house has been on since Sunday afternoon. Stupid weather! I hear your pain about becoming wimpier due to a little bit of nice weather. I did a little 6.2 miler last night and nearly froze to death in long sleeves and long pants!

I'll be thinking of you and the weather all week!! I hope for the best for you!! I got lucky with the weather on my marathon day...Rick, not so much. :( Poor guy. Keep up the good resting and hydrating. It'll be here before you know it!