Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick 2 Miles

I had about an hour and a half open in my schedule late this morning, so I got out for a short run.

Unfortunately, I did not get out of the office as quickly as I thought I could, so the 4 miler that I was thinking that I might be able to do became a 2 miler (actually, when I mapped out the route when I got back it ends up that my 2 mile route is actually a 1.84 mile route...bummer!).

After my first mile - and seeing the time and knowing that this was going to have to be a shorter run that I had wanted it to be - I decided to switch up from an "easy run" to an "attack the hills" run. There were two big hills on the second part of this loop, and I decided to run them at a faster clip and then recover on the flat/downhill sections.

I got back home for a quick shower and back at my desk with 15 minutes to spare before my 12 noon conference call!

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