Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two Rest Days In A Row

Sundays were supposed to be "cross training" days, however, they have pretty much become an additional rest day. I do lead an Israeli Folkdance session for two hours each Sunday evening - so I do get some exercise - but it's not as intense as hitting the elliptical machine for 45 minutes like I was doing earlier in my training program.

Today my legs are still a bit sore and tender - I expected this to be the case after running 20 miles yesterday! - so 30-45 min on the elliptical may have been a good thing to get the blood pumping.

Now that I'm starting my taper period, I'll try to be a bit more diligent about doing the cross-training.

Tomorrow will be an official rest day. Then it'll be back to running on Tuesday.
And talking about running...Rick finished his first marathon in 4:38 today. Way to go!!!!!

I can't believe that 3 weeks from today I'll be running my first 26.2 mile race. YIKES!

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Rick said...

I have NO doubts that you will do GREAT, Mike. You've trained very well for this so, just stick to a conservative plan and you'll do fine.

I had somewhat of a major trainwreck in my race beginning at mile 18 and getting seriously worse at mile 20 (you'll see when I post my report and split times - ugh!), but that was due to the condition of my leg and my inability to follow through with my training plan completely the last 7 weeks of it. I'll detail the race on my next blog post, hopefully later today. I still finished and am.... A MARATONER! Woot!

Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it. It was something!