Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Marathon?

Earlier this year, I had placed on my Outlook Calendar at work a note that registration for the Marine Corps Marathon opens today at noon.  This is the largest marathon in the DC area - it is held in October, but registration is now and normally fills up in a few hours.

In January, when I put this note on my calendar, I was thinking that perhaps I'll really be into my marathon training and I'll want to run TWO of them this year.  I didn't want to miss the boat on registering for this one.

As much as I have liked my marathon training - and I believe that this weekend's race will not be my last marathon - I don't think I'll be running another full marathon this calendar year.  I have found that marathon training takes TONS of focus and commitment (and time), and I'll need to get back to putting this focus, commitment and time back into my family and work.

So....I will not be signing up for the MCM later today, and I don't feel sad about it in the least.

Once this weekend is over, I will definitely re-evaluate my running goals for the end of the year, as my #1 goal of running a marathon will be checked off.  However, running marathon #2 will not be one of those goals for 2008.


tootie said...

I don't blame you. One marathon a year is plenty! Take the rest of the year to relax and enjoy your accomplishment.

Sara said...

I'm feeling exactly the same way. Although I'd love to run another marathon, the time committment to train is just too much right now. I'm a little afraid of losing my fiance and job if I keep this up!! I think one a year is plenty!!

Rick said...

I have no doubt in my mind that you would be able to pull off the MCM and understand your desire to run such a prestigious race as I, too, would like to someday run a "major" marathon, but I think you're wise in waiting. Not because you couldn't physically or mentally handle it, but because of the training commitment and time involved, which obviously is a take-away from other parts of your life - primarily family.

I really respect and admire your decision, Mike. You're a good man. How bout Richmond in November 2009? I'll run it with ya. LOL Just joking... well, sort of. :)

Hope you're feeling well both physically and mentally so far this week. You're gonna do great!

Mike Fox said...

Tootie, Sara and Rick - Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Rick - How is your leg? Did the MRI find anything? Richmond '09 sounds intriguing. I was actually also thinking of "The Brooksie Way" Half Marathon up near you in October. There's a game in the Big House on Saturday and the race is Sunday morning. I'll need to get approval from my wife first, so I'll let you know :-)

Rick said...

The leg is still painful... I would describe it as a dull ache, like a headache, most of the time, which worsens during the course of the day. It has felt as good as it has since before the race today though. A good sign.

The MRI has to be read by a radiologist yet and then their findings reported to my doc, who I do not have a lot of confidence in. I asked the MRI tech who did the imaging if she would tell me if she saw anything obvious on the MRI before the test and she said that she would (they're supposed to defer to the radiologists as they aren't qualified to read the imaging, just do the test), but she said she did not see anything. Thank you for asking.

I've heard of the Brooksie Way race, but not looked into it at all. I am tentatively planning on doing the Grand Rapids half or full in October. I would also like to do the Dexter - Ann Arbor run some day. You'll have to let me know if you come up.