Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last Minute Recommendations and/or Encouragement?

I can't believe the race is in THREE DAYS!!!! Unbelievable!

I have started to receive a few emails giving suggestions and recommendations for the race. I'd love to hear from everyone, so please leave your comments. Here's some excerpts from a few emails I've already received:

Jamie wrote: "I checked out the map of the course. I believe it should be fairly flat; although, going out towards the airport and 144 could be hilly....Get plenty of rest the week before, stay off your legs as much as possible, and eat lots of pasta. I'm excited for you - you have been preparing and training for this for a long time, you're ready to have a great run!"

David wrote: "
As far as the marathon goes, you've been following a plan and that's the
main thing. If you keep to your pace, you'll do fine. If you think you feel good and get going too fast, you'll pay for it later....As for fueling and hydration, you've probably got that pretty well worked out. Avoid the temptation to take in more--it won't help. Most inexperienced runners have problems from over-consumption, not underconsumption. Even if you're burning 600+ calories/hr, you can't take in that much because you can only process about 250-280 cal/hr. But you don't need that much anyway, because you've got about 2000 cal of glycogen on board when you start and enough body fat to run to Indianapolis. Body fat converts slowly, however, which is why without any supplemental energy many runners bonk at about 20 miles...Keep hydration to about 20-25 oz/hr unless it's a real hot, humid day. Overhydration takes out far more beginning marathoners than dehydration. Electrolytes are your main concern...The main thing is to go with your training, keep your pace, and fuel/hydrate only as much as you can process, which is a lot less than you're actually expending. Start hydrating early, though and keep it

Thanks everyone!!!!


tootie said...

That is so exciting that it's coming up so soon!!

My only advice is to relax and enjoy the race! You've trained for this, and you can do it. Oh - and remember all the details of it, so you can share with us on your blog :)

Norm said...

The biggest element of your first marathon, once you've trained your body, is mental. Back when I was running, I kept one part of my mind monitoring my physical feedback - breathing, pace, muscle and foot pain if any... and the other part just enjoying the ride.

You'll be passing by many people wishing you well, so acknowledge them with a little wave or smile. You'll get positive reinforcement which will lift your spirits. This can be especially helpful miles 20-26.2! If all goes well, and it will, you're bound for a very emotional experience at the finish line. Best of luck!

Rick said...

Wow, I think you're well-covered by all the comments that I have read, Mike, especially Tootie and Norm's.

Don't over-think this. It's running. You've been doing this for a long time now and have followed a plan very well to get you to the finish line. You are very well prepared, run conservatively within your abilities from the start - it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the race and go out harder than you want to - and enjoy the race and goings on with the simple goal to finish! Don't worry about your time, it will take care of itself.

Don't go drinkin' any beers at mile 18, eating anything you have never eaten before, or do anything you haven't done in training. My friend's step-father ran Detroit last fall and never trained on long runs with Gatorade, drank a bunch of it on the race course and was physically sick at mile 17.

Just be confident and smart. You've got this thing! As someone either said or quoted on RA - The marathon itself is the victory lap for all the hard training that goes into it. Go out there on race day and... enjoy your victory lap.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Aleichem shalom. (I hope that is right... "well being be upon you"?)