Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: 1736

I felt HUNGRY yesterday. It was a tough reminder to my body that I was going from a "maintain your weight while logging 35 running miles a week" diet back down to a "lose weight while logging 10 running miles a week" diet.

I pretty much felt hungry the entire day. However, I made it through; and I know that today will be easier. And so will tomorrow. By next week it will feel like a natural way to eat. The pounds will gradually come off and then in about 6 weeks I'll be able to bump the calories up again.

I also went for a run this morning. It was a beautiful morning - crisp and clear, about 45 degrees when I stepped outside the door at 5:45am. The sun was starting to rise, so I decided to go on my 3.25 mile lake loop (I don't like running this route in the dark).

I knew that my run was going to be slow - or my heart rate would be elevated at a normal pace - since I donated blood on Monday. I ended up keeping an 11min/mile pace for most of the run and my HR was in the high-150s/low-160s which is about 10 bpm higher than what it normally should be at this pace for me.

There is definitely a good amount of "rust" that I need to get out of my system before logging the miles again. My knees started hurting again during the run - this time about 2.5 miles into the route. On my right knee, the pain was behind the knee - in the lower hamstring area. On my left knee, the pain was on the front in the lower/outside corner of the knee. I ended up walking the last quarter mile to give my knees a break. Within 10 minutes of me being back in the house, the pain went I'm thinking this is just something that is being aggravated with the motion and pounding and not a full-time injury. I may try to ice these spots later, though. Some stretching would do me good as well.

It was wonderful to be running again - even if it was just for 3 miles. I'm looking forward to getting in a rhythm of running 3 to 4 times a week again!

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