Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still Sore...But I Can Do Stairs Now!

Yesterday, my legs were really sore. I was able to walk around, but stairs were difficult. Any time I wanted to go up or down stairs I would grimace with each step.

Probably the best thing I did for myself was to schedule a post-marathon massage. I took an extended lunch break from work yesterday and saw a massage therapist that lives in my neighborhood. On my way over, I figured out that the last time I had seen her for a massage was almost two years ago! Back then, about 70% of the massage was focused on my neck, shoulder and back muscles. Yesterday's massage was the opposite - I don't think she spent more than 10 min on my neck, shoulders and back (and I could use a good hour on those as well)...the majority of the massage was on my legs. She worked my calves, quads, hammies, IT bands, arches, etc for close to an hour.

This morning, I went downstairs for breakfast and then realized that I had walked down the stairs with no pain. Yes, my legs are still a bit sore, but compared to yesterday I feel great!

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*jeanne* said...

After your next marathon, trying going downstairs backwards for a day or so. Painless! :-)