Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back To Blogging

First of all, I apologize to those loyal readers who have been checking my blog to find no updates.  There was no internet access where I was over Memorial Day weekend, and when I got back I was exhausted and did not feel like blogging.

Since this is mostly a running blog I'll spare everyone the details about the Israeli Dance workshop weekend.  However, I will say the teenagers that I brought to the weekend performed beautifully and behaved nicely.  As a result, the weekend was enjoyable for me.  The one thing that was missing for me was running.  Last year I managed to get a 5 mile run in on Saturday morning, but this year I was still trying to rest my legs from the post-marathon aches.

I did get out for a 3-mile run this normal "to the lake and back" route.  I did much better.  I kept the pace slow (11:11/mile) and my left knee did not hurt at all during the run.  Hooray!  However, the back of my right knee - from the top of my calf to the bottom of my hammy - did start to hurt again about 2.5 miles into the run.  I finished out the run though and then stretched out my legs.  The pain stopped a few minutes after I stopped running.

I'm going to start to stretch these muscles on my non-running days as well and see if that helps.  I may even try to visit a Yoga class at the gym - I've never done Yoga, but I'm reading a lot of articles on how it helps runners with their flexibility.  We'll see if I actually do it.

I'll also try another 3-mile run later in the week...perhaps Friday morning.

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tootie said...

I love yoga! However, the first time I tried it I didn't like it at all.

I recommend you try classes by different instructors. And try at least 3 classes before you make up your mind about it.