Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Weigh-In

I had started counting calories again this week. Earlier in the week I was very diligent (and HUNGRY!) and it kind of tailed off during my business trip on Thursday and over the weekend. Neither day did I go "hog wild", but I'm certain I ate more than I normally would have in a losing-weight mode.

I decided to get an elliptical workout in yesterday, since I'm trying to be more conservative with returning to running due to the aches and pains I'm still feeling when I run. Even though I'd rather be running outside, getting the blood pumping felt good.

One thing that took me off course a bit were brownies. My wife recently became a Pampered Chef consultant (if you like Pampered Chef products, you can now order them directly from her website!) and she had a cooking show yesterday morning. For the demonstration she made these delicious chocolate, caramel, nut brownies - and unfortunately she brought the leftover brownies home. I only ate two of them yesterday...but that was two more than I really should have eaten.

Nevertheless, I stepped on the scale this morning to good results. I had lost a pound since last week. I now weigh 162.5 pounds according to my home scale. 7.5 pounds to go to...

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Rick said...

Keep up the good work! That's great considering you haven't been able to run consistently yet.