Friday, May 16, 2008


As 2pm hit this afternoon, I hit a lull at work.  I had eaten lunch at my desk while participating in a conference call (in other words - no lunch break), and I was waiting for information from colleagues before I could go forward on a few of my activities.

I looked outside and the rain had stopped.  It's a cool, overcast day...perfect for a short run!

I went inside the house (my office is above our garage with is detached from the rest of the house) got in my running clothes and took off!  Woo hoo!!!!

I decided on the 3-mile lake loop once again.  And due to the pain I have been getting in my left knee and behind my right knee, I decided to do a run/walk 7 minutes and walk 1 minute.  Even with the walking, my pace was under 11min/mile - not too bad.

My knees did eventually start hurting again - this time 26 minutes into the run.  I haven't been good about stretching or icing.  And I haven't been using Vitamin I either (that's Ibuprofen for any non-runners reading...).  I probably should do these things to reduce the inflammation which would aid my recovery.

During my run it started to rain a bit.  I used to dread running in the rain and now I don't mind it at all (OK...I do mind a drenching storm or hail - but a light rain is almost soothing).

One nice thing I saw on my run is that some of the geese who live at the lake in our neighborhood had goslings.  It was sweet to see a few families of geese waddling around the lake - while I waddled along with them!

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