Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Calorie King, Here I Come!!

I see it coming, and I'm frightened.

Yesterday, I gave blood and decided to grab the bag of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies. Later in the day, I attacked a bag of Doritos that were on top of the fridge. Last night, I chilled in front of the basketball game with a bottle of Saranac Black & Tan and some Cheez-Its.

As the kicker, I'm going out of town for a quick out-and-back business trip on Thursday (in other words - three consecutive meals out) and then have lunch plans of Friday (strike that - four out of five meals out).

The pattern sounds eerily familiar.

To add further insult to injury, I won't be running many of these additional calories off this week.

So...I have decided to start counting calories again. TODAY. I may take a pass on Thursday since it's not easy to be so calorie conscious on the road - but I'll try to be careful anyhow.


Rick said...

Good man. I need to start doing this as well. As soon as we are done having ice cream tonight after Lindsey's band concert! What resolve I have! Heh.

Mike Fox said...

Well...I think my problem was that I did not have the resolve to fight the food cravings and binges - until I "went public" and posted it on my blog. Now that it's out there, I can't hide from it and I'm more apt to keep myself accountable for what goes in my body.

No more late evening "raiding the larder" for me...