Monday, May 12, 2008

No Run Today

Cold, rainy morning. Still recovering. No run.

If the morning was nicer, I probably would have run since I'm planning to give blood later today. Which means I won't be running tomorrow either. Perhaps an easy run on Wednesday morning? Or at least I'll hit the elliptical that morning...

Also, since today is Monday, it's an official weigh-in day. 163.5 lbs. Not bad after a week of no running and after Mother's Day (larger brunch and dinner than normal). I'd like to get down to 155 lbs for the summertime, but I know I'll have to count calories closely to get there. Will I find the motivation to do it???

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Rick said...

I've gained 7 - 10 pounds in the month since my race and no running. I haven't exactly been helping myself out on the diet end of it either though. Gah!