Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks For The Encouragement Everyone!!!

A big shout out to all of my blog readers, friends and family who have sent their last-minute suggestions and encouragement either on the blog, via email or by calling me.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I am getting very excited for Sunday.  At the same time I feel nervous as well.  Running 20 miles in my training seems so long ago (it has been three weeks).  I know that this taper period is supposed to be resting my body, but I'm a little afraid that I may have lost some of the endurance I built up during the training.  My cousin Larry reminded me that the training plan I'm using (and have followed religiously) has been used by hundreds - if not thousands - of people before me who have successfully completed the marathon, so I shouldn't worry.  That definitely put me more at ease.

Tomorrow afternoon I will make my way up to Frederick to pick up my race packet and visit the expo.  Whoa...we're getting really close to race time!

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Rick said...

You're ABSOLUTELY prepared for this run, Mike! You have faithfully followed your plan and there is no fitness loss during the taper period. So, one last final vote of confidence here - you're going to do just fine! Tomorrow, though we hail from collegiate rivals (ok - so MSU is more like a speed-bump than a rival to U of M), we will be in the same fraternity of both being called marathoners! I'll, as well as SO many others, will be there with you in spirit.

Run confident, run smart, and enjoy the victory lap! ;-)