Thursday, March 6, 2008

Be The Bunny...

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: 3202
(Exercise Calories: 916)
Total Net Calories: 2286

This morning was a 4 mile easy-paced run. I was longing to run outside and one of my normal neighborhood routes is a little over 4 miles, so I was determined to go outside this morning to run. Luckily, the weather cooperated - a clear crisp 30 degree morning!

As I opened my front door at 5:30am, a bunny rabbit darted across my front lawn. At the time, I didn't realize that it was a sign of good things to come...

Since it was an easy run, I wanted to keep my heart rate below 150 for the majority of the run (there are a few big hills which I knew my hr would go up on...but as long as I would recover to under 150 I'd be happy). I started out at a pace that was definitely faster than normal, however, I felt good - and my heart rate was still in the problems. This continued throughout the entire run - I could feel that I was faster, yet my heart rate was not climbing. It was a great feeling!

I finished the 4.4 mile run in 46:12 - a 10:26/mile pace at an average heart rate of 147. The only times I had run that route faster was during tempo runs. What an awesome feeling!

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