Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is It The Shoes???

My feet are still a bit sore after yesterday's run. Luckily it is just soreness and not an injury, but it is definitely limiting how much I can get around today.

This morning it hit me - how many miles do my shoes have? I checked my running log, and my shoes have 328 miles in them right now. My shoes are usually retired after 350 to 400 miles, so I'm getting close.

So - it's time to start breaking in a new pair of shoes! Luckily, I have them already.

Brooks updated their model of shoe that I wear - from the Glycerin 5 to the Glycerin 6. I really didn't want to switch shoes in the middle of my marathon training plan, so a few weeks ago I checked around at a few stores to see if anyone still had a Glycerin 5 in my size that they were discounting. Metro Run & Walk had one and discounted it 20% for me. I usually like to shop at my neighborhood Fleet Feet, but they were all out of my size on this shoe.

This week, I'll start to do some of my runs in the newer shoes, but I'll do next week's long run in the current pair. By the 20 mile run the week after next, I should be completely in the new shoes.

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