Friday, March 21, 2008

Forecast For Tomorrow Morning - Cold and Rainy...YUCK!

Tomorrow morning is a "stepback" long run of 12 miles. The weather forecast is calling for about 35 degrees and about a 50% chance of rain - not my favorite weather to run in. On the bright side, at least it is calling for only light winds, right?

I can't really complain as the DC area has not had a bad winter. It only snowed a handful of times and none of them were huge snowfalls. Friends and family of mine in Michigan and Ohio have been slammed by bad weather this winter, so I'll just keep my trap shut and hope that Spring weather is around the corner.

Actually, warmer weather is in store for me. I'll be going to Dallas on business next week, so I'll get two of my runs in while I'm there. It looks like it will be sunny and about 25 degrees warmer there than here...WOO HOO!

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