Thursday, March 13, 2008

Non-scheduled Rest Day??? NOT!!!!

Today was a beautiful day here. Sunny with a high in the mid-60s. A bit windy, but overall it was awesome weather.

I was stuck at my desk most of the day. Tons of back-to-back conference calls. But suddenly, around 3:45pm, things started to slow down.

No more calls. I was waiting for data to process a change order. I was waiting for people to call me back.

I had to send out minutes and an updated action register from one of the calls I chaired, but I could do that after the kids were in bed.

I logged off and went for my run on a beautiful March day. I was pumped and ran a bit too fast for an "easy" run. Average heart rate was 155. Pace was 9:54/mile.

So much for a Non-scheduled Rest Day!

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