Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Change In Plans

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: 1984

This morning's scheduled run was 7 miles. I have been doing speedwork on my mid-week longer runs - mostly Yasso 800 interval runs on the treadmill. Since the temperatures had warmed up, I was really hoping to run outside, so last night I decided that I would do a tempo run - start out at a relaxed pace for about 1 mile, then go at a "comfortably hard" pace for about 5 miles and then slow down to a relaxed pace for the last mile. No problem. I had the 7.33 mile loop from my house set up from a long run a few months ago, I laid out my running clothes - shorts and a long sleeve running shirt - before going to bed knowing that I was going to have a wonderful tempo run outside this morning.

Except that the weather did not cooperate.

At 4:55am (only 20 min earlier than my alarm was going off, so the time didn't annoy me too much) I was awoken by a torrential downpour outside. Buckets of rain, high winds - really sucky conditions to run in :-( I'll run in the rain - I'll even run in the cold rain...but I won't run in a downpour. I didn't go to a half marathon that I signed up for and trained for due to the Nor'easter that came through the area last April (I still feel strange wearing the shirt for that race since I technically did not run it...but since I did all the training I still feel I "earned" it).

Anyhow, my plans had to change this morning. I was doing my run on the dreadmill at the gym. Yuck! At least I'll be able to control my pace for the tempo run...

Despite it all, I ran well. Warm up mile of 11:13, followed by 5 miles at an average pace of 9:09 and a cooldown mile of 11:12. My Personal Record (PR) for a 10K is at a 9:03/mile pace...if I can now train close to this pace for a tempo run, I should be able to set a new PR. After May 4.

After that run I was HUNGRY! I had a yen for a breakfast burrito. With potatoes. Lots of potatoes.

I got home in time to help with "the morning rush" (fixing Doron's lunch for school, getting Matan dressed, etc.). While helping out I started to peel and cut up an onion and a potato (yes - the full russet spud made it into my burrito!) and had that simmer in a tablespoon of olive oil. While looking in the fridge for components of Doron's lunch I spotted a few extras to throw into the burrito stuffing - a mild green chili pepper and some kale. Those were thrown in the mix as well. After a few minutes I scrambled up two eggs and threw them in the pan. When it was all done, it was laid in a burrito shell with cheese and topped with salsa and Cholula hot sauce. Yummmmmmmmm! At first, there was too much there to wrap the darn thing so I had to attack it with a fork first :-)

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