Friday, March 7, 2008

Charting Out the Long Run

Tomorrow is my long run of the week - actually, it's the longest run of my life so far - 15 miles!

I was thinking it would be a really cool idea to do a point-to-point run, so I went on Gmap Pedometer and started going to town! It ends up that I can leave my front door and run all the way down to the Bethesda Metro station which would be 15 miles. I could leave my car at the Shady Grove Metro station - closest to my house - this afternoon (take the bus back home) and then after my run to Bethesda in the morning I would take the metro back to Shady Grove and then drive home. (if I didn't run so darn early, I could take the metro to Bethesda first and then run back home - but Metro doesn't start operating until 7am on the weekends).

Then reality set in...

The downside to a point-to-point run - or any run where I actually need to get into a car/bus/train to get to or from the point that I'm running - is that it adds extra time to the run. Heck, I'm already going to be running for close to three hours tomorrow - can I really afford to be out of the house for 3.5 or 4 hours? Unfortunately, tomorrow I don't have that luxury.

Tomorrow morning Sherry is leading the "Tot Shabbat" (programming for 2-5 year olds) at our synagogue. She'll need my help with the kids so she can get ready for the program, so I'll most likely need to be back home by 8am or so.

So back to Gmap Pedometer I go!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Good luck on the 15 miles! I'm attempting 10 on first long one ever as well!! : )