Monday, March 17, 2008

I Despise Early Daylight Savings Time!!!

As a morning runner, early Daylight Savings Time is horrible!!!  This morning, I ran a little over 7 miles - not a "short morning run" for me - completely in the dark.  That's just not right.

The run went very well.  With the cooler temperature (around 30 degrees) and very little wind, I felt pretty comfortable and therefore was able to keep a nice, steady pace.  I also had some mellow tunes with me - Jack Johnson this morning - which kept me from darting out too fast.  Average heart rate was 145.  Average pace was 10:43/mile.

Since it's Monday morning, it is weigh-in day (I had to remember to weigh in before my run).  The scale showed 163.5 and then bumped up to 164.0 (my scale only goes to the half pound).  Bottom line is that keeping my net calories in the 2000 per day range is the right place for me to maintain my weight.  As an aside, on Saturday morning after my 17 mile run, I decided to step on the scale and see how much water weight I had lost on the run.  The scale showed 161.0 - so I had lost about 3 lbs of water weight!  I probably had lost even more, as I drank 24 oz of water on my run and nearly finished a 16 oz tumbler of water immediately after I got home.

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