Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rest Day (Well...It almost WASN'T!)

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: 2447
(Exercise Calories: 432)
Total Net Calories: 2015

It's another warm day in the DC area. It's cloudy and it is supposed to rain...but no raindrops so far.

Today is a rest day (well actually, yesterday was supposed to be the rest day but I ran instead). Since it was so nice, I was thinking to myself this morning "If work is slow around lunchtime, perhaps I'll head on over to the high school track and do my 7 mile speed workout that I'm scheduled to do tomorrow morning..." I much prefer to run outside vs. the "dreadmill", but I haven't been able to do a speed workout at the track yet since it is still dark outside when I start running (my HRM watch does not have a backlight...how annoying!)

Unfortunately, my boss called around 11am and asked me to put some information together for him. That took me until 1pm when I was famished. There was no way I was running 7 miles with no fuel in the tank :-(

So, today is officially a rest day. Tomorrow morning I'll do my 7 mile speed workout. I may try to do a tempo run instead of an interval run just to have some variety (and to run outside if it is not too wet). We'll see how it goes...

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