Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hydration On Long Runs

An Anonymous poster left the following comment, "What do you use to hydrate during your long runs?"

When my runs started to get over 90 minutes, I purchased a water belt - the AmphiPod RunLite 3.  I chose this one since it was modular - I could choose how many water bottles to put on and where they should go, and there was also a pouch for GU, my cellphone, keys, etc.

I currently have two of the 8 oz water bottles on the belt - so I'm carrying 16 oz of water with me.  I'll most likely add the third water bottle for next week's 16 mile run and for runs longer than 3 hours.  I usually carry two GU pouches - I take one about an hour into my run and another one about an hour later if I'm still running.  I guess I'll carry a third GU packet for runs longer than 3 hours.  YIKES!

As for posting anonymously - I understand if you don't want to log in with a Google account or another email address, but you can at least sign your name when you post.  So far this has been a nice blog with a pretty friendly exchange of information so you should have nothing to fear :-)

I hope this helps!

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hydrateme said...

I would take the Amphipod & a device called "AquaJoe" which you can clip to it. It makes it very easty to dispense sports drink powder while running.