Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 11 Weigh In

Regular blog readers may have noticed that the past few days I have neglected to post my calorie intake. That's because I wasn't monitoring it closely. Heck, I was running 15 miles this weekend so I was going to burn through whatever I ate, right?

Sort of...

The scale showed an increase of one pound this week - 164.5. I'm not going to get too concerned yet as (1) this could just be common cause variation with my weight (see the last paragraph of the General section here) and (2) since I wasn't monitoring what I was eating on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'm thinking if I just get back to being accountable for what I put in my mouth it will all balance out in next week's weigh-in.

So, I'm not going to cut down on the number of calories per day (2,000 net calorie intake). I'm just going to make sure I'm not going over that amount by too much each day.

I WILL need those calories this week. The plan shows a week 11 total of 32 miles. I've never run this much in one week before. But after this past weekend's long run, I believe that I can handle anything now.

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