Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DFW Airport :-(

So, I'm blogging from DFW Airport - 9:30pm local time.

I was supposed to leave at 7:35pm, however, my original flight was canceled and the next flight they booked me on - 8:45pm departure - is now departing at 10:10pm. I'm now supposed to land at DCA at 1:45am.

So much for running tomorrow morning.

It will be very nice to be back home and get into a routine again. At times business travel is nice, but it definitely takes its toll. Trying to eat right while on the road is a struggle - not due to a lack of healthy choices, but more due to the humongous sized portions when eating out. Luckily I ran 6 miles on Monday and 9 miles on Tuesday to counterbalance the portion distortion.

If my running shoes weren't in my checked luggage, perhaps I would have done some running around DFW :-)


Rick said...

Hey Mike! Just wanted to thank you for the note on my blog. I appreciate it.

You've got a very interesting one here as well. I LOVE the fact that you have a lot of Jewish religious and cultural stuff interspersed throughout your blog. Very cool and, makes me look up stuff and get more edumacated. I need all that I can get being a Spartan. Heh. I'm assuming you're a U of M alum.

Your marathon is on May 4th? I'll keep checking in on your blog and training. Looks like you're doing a splendid job so far. Continued success in your training runs and keeping injury free.

Mike Fox said...

Yes, I'm a UofM alum. GO BLUE!

I'll actually root for the Spartans tomorrow night in the NCAAs...give the Big 10 some respect.

I'm back up in Michigan at least once a year to visit the in-laws (my wife grew up in Oak Park). I'm not sure where you are located, but perhaps we can go for a run the next time I'm up there.

I'm glad that you are enjoying the postings with mentions of Judaism. It is a big part of my family life - I see from your blog that religion also plays an important role with your family as well - so it is hard to ignore when blogging.

Good luck in Toledo!!

Rick said...

That would be cool, Mike, to meet somewhere for a run next time you visit. I'm about an hour away from Oak Park, just north of the Ohio line 3 miles or so from Toledo. My work territory gets me up near Oak Park frequently as well.

I grew up (and still am... shhhhh) a Wolverine fan (when they aren't playing State) and... my older sister is actually a grad as well. I got accepted there too, but chose to go to State as I didn't think I would do well at U of M. My best friend is also a grad from there. You're certainly right in the Big 10 needing some respect. We have such dismal performance outside of our conference.

Our faith is a big part of our lives as well. Like you said, when it is that much a part of your life, it is hard to keep it out of one's blog.

Thanks for the well-wish with Toledo. I got back from an 8.75 mile run a little while ago and... it hurt. It's been a struggle since about mid-February.

Anyway, sorry to chatter up your blog so much.