Saturday, February 2, 2008

10+ Mile Run - My Longest Yet

I ran the Rockville Millennium Trail this morning.  It's a 10.7 mile trail that goes around Rockville - it was planned to be within 2 miles of all City of Rockville residents so that they could use it as a "bike beltway" around the city.  It's a great idea, however, where were the bikers?  On this morning's run, the runners outnumbered the bikers 4 to 1.  OK...there probably are not many bikers who want to ride from 6am to 8am on a 30 degree February morning...

When I came back from my run I figured out that I get an additional 1250 calories today - that's close to  double my allotted calories on my weight loss plan.  However, I still need to watch the amount of fat I eat as I'm getting my cholesterol levels checked on Monday.

I listened to some musicals on my run this morning.  I started with Godspell (a little spirituality on Shabbat, right?) and then Rent.  Showtunes are great for long runs - the tunes are catchy and they tell a story.

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