Friday, February 22, 2008

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

There has been freezing rain coming down in the DC area since this morning, so I'm not so sure how tomorrow will play out in terms of my long run. I'm supposed to run 13 miles tomorrow. Given the weekend's schedule, I was planning to wake up early tomorrow morning and run.

If the temps drop too far below freezing tonight, it may be a slippery run. I may just have to slow down, walk when there are slippery patches and stick to the roads as much as I can (since the sidewalks will be icier than the roads) to get it done.

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Zia said...

Hey Mike, I did a 10K this morning in Ft Worth. Finished in 1:06:26 (a PR for me but this is only my 2nd 10K). I'm so glad you got to see the marathon movie. I totally loved it.

Take care and keep totally inspire me!!

:-) Z