Thursday, February 7, 2008

Windy Morning

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: (??) 1934
(Exercise Calories: 722)
Total Net Calories: 1512

Last night, I was excited for this morning's run. The low temperature overnight was supposed to be 47 degrees which meant it should have been close to 50 degrees when I left the house. I threw on a short sleeve running shirt, shorts and baseball cap and stepped out side. Yikes! BRRRRR! It was COLD out there. After my run I checked the temperature - it was 46 degrees with a 39 degree wind chill. It felt colder to me.

I came back in the house and put on a long sleeve shirt instead. That was a little better, but the wind when right through. And...oops! when I went in to change my shirt I forgot to put my reflector vest back on. I didn't notice until I was already a 1/4 mile into my 3.5 mile run and I didn't feel like going back (and spending more time in the cold wind). Tough morning.

As for the run, due to the cold and the wind I ended up running faster than I should have on an "easy" run. My average heart rate was 158 - about 10 bpm higher than it should be for an easy run - and my pace was 10:23/mile, which is about :40/mile faster than I should be right now for an easy run. I just couldn't get my body to calm down and run easy this morning.

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