Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day of Rest????

Saturday is traditionally the Jewish Sabbath - Shabbat - a day of rest.  Just as the Lord did not work on the seventh day after creation, observant Jews do not work from Friday night sundown until Saturday night sundown.

We are not completely observant, however, we do try to keep Shabbat in our own way.  We normally walk to our synagogue as a family in the morning, spend time together and stay in the neighborhood.  We don't hop in the car to go shopping and I don't log into the office to do work - it's our day for recreation, recuperation and relaxation (as much as you can relax with two boys under 6!)

However, today was a very busy day of rest.  I woke up at 5am so I could get my weekend long run in before we went to synagogue.  We had to be on time at synagogue as I was chanting from the torah this morning.  After synagogue, we had our monthly Lunch Bunch.  And finally, this evening we are going to a Bar Mitzvah.

Given that this is a day of "rest" - I'm afraid to see how the rest of the week will play out!


PMW said...

I need to try out GU's because the folks who have used it have had pretty positive things to say about its taste. I just need something that tastes good enough to keep down during the race!

Congratulations on breaking your distance record! I'm up to 11 miles now, which I'll tackle tomorrow.

Tom said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading your posts.

It's always interesting to follow a marathoner's training and preparation for their race. You have great taste in music.

Keep up your good running, posting and outlook.