Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Little Ache-y, Cross-Training and This Week's Plan

The past few days I've been a bit ache-y in my muscles.  I'm not in real pain - luckily I have not had any injuries so far and I haven't even needed to ice my knees or feet yet - but I believe it's just the pounding of 100 miles in 6 weeks taking its toll.  I believe my body will get used to it.  If not, I can always take one of the weekly "easy" runs out of the plan and substitute it with an extra rest day.
Today was a cross-training day - I hit the elliptical machine at the gym this morning for 45 minutes and listened to Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti".  I love the song Kashmir - much more than Led Zeppelin's classic Stairway To Heaven.

Cross-training at the gym was the easy part of my day.  Schlepping kids to birthday parties - Doron, my 5 year old had two of them today.  One of them was 45 minutes away at about the time that Matan, my 2 year old, naps.  Since Sherry tutors at that time, I offered to take them and have Matan nap in the car...and since I was going anyway, I offered to take two other Kindergartners who were at the first party to the second one.  There I was - driving a mini-van with 4 kids in car-seats in the car!  Luckily, I was able to drop the kids off at the party and then drive my 2 year old around so he could nap...a little peace and quiet amongst the commotion.
This week I'll be going on a business trip leaving late on Tuesday night, so I'm going to switch my running days around.  I'll run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - taking my rest day on Wednesday instead of Monday.  My mid-week long run is 6 miles this week and my long run this weekend is 12 miles.  I'm getting tired just thinking about that 12 mile run...

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Greg On the Run said...

Found you on the Complete Running Network.

Good for you for making the plans for travel rather than letting your exercise happen by itself. Whenever I travel I always Google for the local running clubs and see if there are any group runs or races that mesh with my schedule while I'm in town.

Congratulations on your 100 miles!