Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tempo Run This Morning

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake:  2064
(Exercise Calories:  425)
Total Net Caloires:  1639

It's my midweek longer run and I had decided that this would be my speedwork session.  I had been doing Yasso 800s on the treadmill most of the time, however, it was going to be a glorious morning for February - 63 degrees when I stepped out the door (the only issue was that there was a pretty strong wind...but who's complaining!).  I decided I needed to run outside, so I opted for a tempo run.  I would have considered the track if my HRM watch had a backlight, but since it's going to be dark in the morning for a few more weeks, I'll have to wait.

I ran a total of 5.5 miles this morning.  I did an easy jog for the first mile, then sped up (averaging about 170 bpm on my HRM) for the next 4 miles and jogged for the final half mile.  I came in at a 10:05/mile pace altogether.  Not too shabby for me so far.

This morning I listened to Shalom Chanoch's "Or Yisraeli".  Yesterday I received an email that Shalom Chanoch - a famous Israeli rock singer whose career has spanned from the 1960s to today - will be coming to the DC area for a concert on March his music has been in my head.

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