Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Thoughts on Rockville Millennium Trail

Here's a few of my thoughts/comments on the Rockville Millennium Trail:
  • I liked that the path had markers every half mile.  I normally do not run on a marked path (except for the treadmill, right?) and it was pretty cool to see my progress.  Next time I run there I may hit my lap button on my HRM watch and get mile splits.
  • Most of the trail was on the side of the road and I chose to run against traffic (runners should run against traffic).  However, the mile markers decreased in this direction.  Then I remembered that it was originally built to be a bike path and bicycles should ride with traffic!
  • There were barely any trash cans along the path (I think I remember two of them at bus stops).  At one point I was carrying an empty GU packet in my hands for a little over a mile until I finally threw it on the ground.  I hate littering, but two trash cans for a 10 mile path???
  • I chose to start running on Shady Grove Road just outside the Fallsgrove neighborhood.  The trail goes through the woods inside the Fallsgrove neighborhood and there have been coyote sightings there over the past three or four years.  Since it was dark outside when I first started my run, I did not want to risk meeting up with a coyote - although I believe the Road Runner always beat the Coyote before, so I shouldn't have been too worried about that!  ;-)

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george said...

good work i will check out this trail someday