Thursday, February 14, 2008

Acid Reflux = Payback :-(

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: ???? (definitely too much!)

I'm on a business trip and I let my calorie counting slide yesterday. First of all, one day off will not ruin my progress - as long as I have the discipline to get back to counting calories either today or tomorrow. Second of all, I did make some choices to eat a better/healthier/lower caloric alternative in many cases...I started the day off with a packet of oatmeal at the hotel's continental breakfast instead of a danish, muffin or eggs; at lunch I chose a veggie sandwich over a fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich (although that mozzarella sandwich still sounds good!). However, I did hit the sweets harder than normal since there was a cookie tray in the meeting room. I also had a few cups of coffee (very acidic and has given me reflux in the past). And we had a really large dinner at a restaurant in downtown Nashville - complete with appetizers and a few beers (no dessert as we all loaded up on the cookie tray earlier!).

This morning was payback time...

I started to get an acid reflux type of burning in my esophagus and stomach during my run this morning. Yowsers! Today I'll try to be more careful - at least on the acidic food side of things.

My run was decent. I'm not staying in a pretty part of Nashville. It's a pretty industrial area near the airport, so I was running past warehouses...there was a sidewalk for about half of my run, but then I was running on the side of the road (which was not very well kept). I'm glad I brought my reflector vest.

I had contemplated skipping the run this morning, however, I have a 12 miler coming up on Saturday. I wanted to have a rest day tomorrow leading up to the 12 miler, but I did not want to have 3 rest days leading up to that long run because I did not want to feel sluggish. That thought got me out of bed and in my running clothes.

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