Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rest Day - I Need It!

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: 2277
(Exercise Calories: 389)
Total Net Calories: 1888

Thank goodness it's a rest day. First of all, I'm tired - didn't go to bed until after midnight last night and both kids were up in the middle of the night (OK...I admit I did not hear our 2 year old - my wife informed me this morning that he was up in the night as well).

Second of all, I'm having trouble keeping up with the calorie intake on the days I run. I never thought I would utter the following "I can't seem to eat enough food". I'm sure I'll adjust - I mean, the reason I had gained 10 pounds during the second half of last year was due to the amount of food I was eating, however, that was in an uncontrolled manner. Trying to control what types of (healthier) food you put into your system yet eat at a level more than you are accustomed to will be a bit more difficult.

Lastly, my body is finally telling me to take a rest day. I have been lucky that in my 8 weeks of training I have stayed away from the "two I's" - Ice and Ibuprofen. Well...that streak will end today. My knee has a little pain at times - I've had this before when training for my half marathon, so I don't think it's an injury - just some inflammation that needs to be iced.

So...I'm gladly taking the rest day today. And I'm feeling good that this is a stepback week - only a 10 mile run this weekend!

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